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About Man Up! Men’s Ministry

MAN UP! Gods Way is dedicated to changing the way Christian men live and act. We want to change Christian men from being complacent, lazy and disobedient to Gods word. With Jesus Christ as our example, we will strive to teach men to be more Christ-like every day through an active online men’s ministry.

In an effort to change the direction of Christian men, MAN UP! Gods Way is challenging the manhood of these men. MAN UP doesn’t believe that being a man means you can chew through steel or bend iron, but that being a man means we will be disciplined in our relationship with Christ, in our marriage, as a father, in our service at church, at work, in accountability to one another and in discipleship.
It’s time, time to MAN UP!

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1729 W 5th St.
Eureka Missouri 63025